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Skyrim Remastered: Not All Mods Will Work On Consoles

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Skyrim Remastered

Bethesda recently announced Skyrim Remastered, and the studio also showcased a video at the E3 2016 conference. Most interestingly, the studio confirmed that the Special Edition will allow mods to be played in the game, but there?s a catch. Not all mods will work on consoles, according to Bethesda?s VP of Marketing Pete Hines. The game will certainly allow players to download and play mods, but it won?t let you download ?certain? mods.

Bethesda?s E3 2016 presentation was full of revelations and announcements. Just a few hours after the show, Hines, in a response to a fan on Twitter, confirmed that the old Skyrim mods will be compatible with Skyrim Remastered. Unfortunately, not every single Skyrim mod will work. Mods with Skyrim Script Extender will not be available on consoles as the extender alters the game?s codes, Kotaku reported.

After the Skyrim Remastered announcement, many fans were worried about the availability of the old Skyrim PC mods. In another tweet, Hines said that the PC version will be 64-bit, and a separate mod creation kit will be there. Not all the PC mods will be available, but they can be made compatible.

The level of detail showcased in the Skyrim Remastered shows that the Special Edition will require a better engine, which is obviously the 64-bit engine, which Fallout 4 is working on. The current mods that rely on the 32-bit version of Script Extender will not be compatible on consoles. Once the Script Extender gets updated to the 64-bit version, the improvements and fixes can be made to bring the mods on consoles.

The Skyrim Remastered Special Edition will be launched on October 28 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It will feature improved visuals, snow and water shaders, god-rays and much more. Bethesda has also announced on Twitter that those who have all the expansions, add-ons, or the Legendary Edition of Skyrim on PC can get the Special Edition for free.

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