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Skyrim Remastered News: Australia Gets New Special Edition

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Skyrim Remastered

Bethesda?s Skyrim remastered is getting a special edition and a lore pack this year. The special edition for the game is scheduled for launch on October 28, and you can pre-order the package online. This edition of the highly popular game includes the original game, some add-ons and many new features. The special edition, as described on the online store, will bring the full power of Skyrim PC mods to consoles. There is an exclusive lore pack releasing on the said date which is coming on the Xbox One and PS4.

EB Games Australia announced the availability of the lore pack, suggesting that it will contain the original game and a book called The Skyrim Library Vol 1: The Histories. The lore pack is available at AU$99.95, but if you are looking to buy the complete special edition only, you can get it for AU$79.95.

On its official website, EB Games has confirmed that The Skyrim remastered special edition will bring new features including the remastered graphics, art and effects, volumetric god rays, screen space reflections and dynamic depth of field. Skyrim is already a popular game and has been a successful title since its launch.

The highly anticipated Skyrim remastered version will bring new quests, characters, dialogues, weapons, environment and other changes. The hardback cover book with 232 pages that is coming with the lore pack features an illustrated history of Skyrim.

PC players can also play the game, but the lore package is exclusive to consoles. This year at E3, Bethesda revealed a little about The Skyrim remastered, along with the Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter content announcements.

Since the game?s special edition and lore pack is arriving in October, interested fans can now pre-order the game. The upcoming Skyrim remastered version will take the game to a new direction with improved graphics and art. Players will be exploring the future of Skyrim as everyone in the empire waits for the new hero.
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