Skyrim Remastered: Better Than Fallout 4?

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Skyrim Remaster

Can Skyrim Remastered deliver the next-gen Bethesda experience fans were expecting from Fallout 4? Despite being almost five years old, it can be argued that several aspects of the former are superior to those in its newer, post-apocalyptic sibling.

Can Skyrim Remastered Top?Fallout 4?

The chief criticisms on Fallout 4 centered on the oversimplification of its role-playing elements. Bethesda?s decision to go with a voiced protagonist and basic speech wheel resulted in an unsatisfying dialogue system. This is in contrast to the expansive conversation trees of their previous titles.

PC players have been able to remedy this to a certain degree with mods. However, the constraint of having just four dialogue options at any time is definitely a limiting factor. Unique dialogue options based on your SPECIAL point allocation were also few and far between in Fallout 4. This was a definite disappointment for long-time fans.

Fallout 4?s quest system also feels like a step back in some ways. Based on?this Reddit post, you can see that the game featured significantly fewer unique quests than Skyrim.

The objectives themselves were also drastically scaled back. A quest in Fallout 4 often tasked you with going to location X to retrieve item Y for faction A, with very little in the way of player choice. Most quest locations are simply shooting galleries that you have to fight through to trigger the next step. This?fan-made diagram, while exaggerated, shows just how streamlined a Fallout 4 quest is compared with older Bethesda games.

With improved visuals, better performance, mod support, and all the DLC already included, The Skyrim Special edition is definitely a tantalizing proposition for console gamers. What do you think? Is Skyrim Remastered currently a better purchase than Fallout 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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