Skyrim Remaster Pales Against PC Mods

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Skyrim Remaster

Skyrim?s developers Bethesda has announced that they?ll be releasing the ?The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Special Edition? remastered version of the game. The Skyrim remaster promises graphics overhauls to match the improved specs of the current-gen consoles and the best PC hardware out in the market today. However, the player-made PC mods on the older game seems to trump most of Bethesda?s new refinements on the title. Here?s a video from Digital Foundry discussing the issue.

According to Digital Foundry?s video, most of the mods for the vanilla Skyrim game has better performance than the Skyrim Remaster when it comes to textures and depth of field, giving the game a much more defined look than Bethesda?s work. Additionally, the trees look better with mods, which improves the experience of manual strolls to towns and quests. Skyrim also has random NPC encounters that may trigger some large branching sidequests if the player chooses to travel manually rather than fast travel their way through the game.

Adding to the graphics advantage, PC modders almost have an absolute control of the game?s content as they?re also allowed to make campaigns and scenarios of their own instead of just repurposing items and polishing game assets.

However, the Skyrim Remaster still has perks over the PC mods as it uses some of Bethesda?s latest lighting tricks from Fallout 4 and DOOM. No PC mods were able to recreate the ?God Rays? that the remaster can do. While visually inferior to the PC mod textures, the remaster?s textures give out a more authentic feel to the slightly rugged world of Skyrim, as mod textures look clean and crisp which makes them refreshing to look at in long periods of time. However, not all PC mods can make it on the consoles due to the programming limitations on console version.

More than its improved graphics, Elder Scrolls fans of the console version may not care about trumping the PC mods at all. The important part is that a great game is coming to their consoles on October 28. Elder Scrolls games are known to age well, as most of Skyrim?s predecessors are still valuable in the PC and heavy modding community.

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