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Skyrim Modder Uses RPG to ‘Defeat’ Donald Trump

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While most people log in to their Facebook account and rant on their timeline about how they hate Donald Trump, one guy decided to use a more interesting way.

Nope. He didn?t run naked in the campus with an ?I hate Donald Trump? sign on his belly. Apollodown, a Skyrim modder, thought that he might as well use video games ?to protest his disgust over the President Elect.

What video game did he modify, you might ask? Bethesda?s famous RPG, Skyrim.

What made Apollodown Modify Skyrim?

Apollodown was very vocal about his opposition to Donald Trump. Even if it means having to face Pro-Trump individuals that are capable of making his life a living hell.


The Skyrim Modder shared on Reddit how he couldn?t believe that Trump actually won. In his Reddit manifesto, he wrote how he literally vomited on the sidewalk after learning about Donald Trump?s victory. Yes, literally.

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The modder explained how he lived with people like Donald Trump, and how he imagined that they were just imaginary. But then he witnessed the 63 million Donald Trump voters, and realized how ?real? these people are.

He said that his disbelief over how so many people rooted over Trump, despite his racist, sexist, xenophobic, and homophobic statements, made him physically ill. With, of course, a little hint of alcohol.

Why Apollodown deleted the Skyrim Mods

As per Heat Street, the Skyrim Modder used Skyrim mods as a political soapbox to protest Trump. He even included minorities in his modifications.

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However, he eventually realized that Trump voters might possibly be enjoying his creations. Because of this, Apollodown revealed how he had lost the joy in modding, and decided to delete the Skyrim mods.

On the other hand, some people in the community were very apathetic over his creations. Some people even claimed that they?re not even interested with the creation of the Skyrim Modder.

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