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Skyrim Marriage System: How to Find Your Happily Every After

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In Skyrim, immersion takes on a whole new meaning. The game has this as one of its strongest selling points, but that isn’t everything that this game is all about. Hardcore gamers often make mods that carry out this facet of the game a little too far. There are mods that make the game harder than it is; actual seasons affect your character, and your Dragonborn’s time in the wilderness gets to be just a little harder than usual. There are also mods that affect your character’s hunger. He can be more vulnerable to animals and creatures in the wild, and so on.

That’s why the game enforces a system where you need to partner up with different other non-playable characters, so you look out for each other’s backs. This ensures your survival, and in turn, it makes the game much more fun because you get to play with other people, even if they are not playable. However, it does get lonely because after some time of questing, you may have to leave that NPC behind. So much for partners.

But what if you can actually have a partner…for life?

Skyrim Marriage System: The Solution

If you’re an avid player of the Sims series, you might’ve also enjoyed the marriage system that the game has. In that game, you can actually marry another player (NPC) that you like, or have a good relationship with. You then move in together and create a family. Well, Skyrim tries its best to include that facet in its immersion. You may or may not like it, but in Skyrim, when you have an NPC partner that you like enough, you have the option to marry them. There are conditions, however, just like in any game. You have to meet these conditions before you get to marry a character.

First off, you have to go to the Temple of Mara in Riften, the area located right-southmost on the map. It’s where you also find the Thieve’s Guild, and where you encounter the first condition for initiating the Dawnguard quest, if you have the plug-in. Once you’re there, head to the Temple of Mara, which is located just right beside the building where the Jarl resides.

Once inside, you need to speak with the priest Maramal in order to obtain an Amulet of Mara. However, this isn’t the only area where you can get an amulet. You might encounter it while questing in a dungeon, or you might also find it in a tent on a beach directly north of Dawnstar, one of the Skyrim holds. It also comes as a reward for finishing the Book of Love quest.

The best route possible is to get it from Maramal. To open the option, anyway, you have to speak to him and ask him about marriage in Skyrim. Once you’ve opened up the option, you can go around and find that one, elusive love of your life in a war-torn land, provided that you have also met the requirements for marrying him or her (depending on your character).

Once you’re married, you get what you’ve always wanted: someone to look after your home and take care of your kids while you’re away, or just someone who would take the initiative to accompany you on your quests when you need someone to tag along.

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