Skyrim Just Got Better, Thanks To Mods

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After 3 years of a successful release, Skyrim just got better and better as the years passed by. Thanks to the wonderful mods, Skyrim has improved in almost all aspects of the game.

Back at November 2011, Bethesda Studios released the fifth installment to ?The Elder Scrolls? series. Skyrim is an action-role playing video game with a vast open world to explore and rich content. The main story moves around the player?s chosen and modified character to defeat Alduin, a mythical, fire breathing dragon who is said to be the one in the prophecy who will destroy the world with flames and anything that a dragon does.

Unlike any other ?Elder Scrolls? games, Skyrim was a bit unique due to the fact that character creation is way too flexible. Previous installments make you choose a class, whether you can be a warrior, archer, mage, thief, etc. The general point is that the character you create is specifically designed to do what its class does. However, Skyrim allows you to flexibly modify your stats to counter or match ?the enemy. There are no classes, making it much easier for the developers to implement the complexity of the gameplay. After the completion of the Oblivion back in 2006, Bethesda focused on creating ?Fallout 3. Later, they ?decided to create the next Elder Scrolls game which is based from both Fallout 3 and the previous Elder Scroll games, using Bethesda?s own Creation Engine.

For the past few years, players seem to enjoy modding Skyrim to the extent of creating marvelous sceneries way better than your average desktop wallpaper. One in particular is the RealVision ENB who got a really nice upgrade just recently. The mod is so powerful, that you can use it on several Bethesda games. Though it is not recommended as it was originally created for Skyrim, it proves that the mod can be used.

There are lots of mods that players are using. Some users replace people with ninjas or thugs, some other turn dragons into Pok?mon. The downside of it is that it causes frequent crashes. But nevertheless it is quite funny and easy to do as mods come with instructions on how to apply it.


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