Skype: Issues and How to Solve Them

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Electric communication has come a long way due to the many advances in technology.? Gone are the days when people only rely on Email alone.? This is because people need to get in touch with each other instantly and they don’t have to leaf through tons of correspondence, especially when there are dozens of mail in the full.? Furthermore, users can connect with a friend or co-worker with just a snap of a finger, regardless of where their location.? And now, more on more mobile users across the globe are relying on Skype for tablet as they require instant access to information.

However, up to now, login issues have been surfacing as a problem due to connection issues like speakers and microphone.? This can be solved through:

1.Go to Tools>Options.? Click Audio Settings.
2.Afterwards, click on Show advanced options.? From there, all audio devices can be seen.? For example, if the tablet has a plugged in headphone, it would appear on the drop-down.? Issues arise when Skype accidentally makes use of the device if that’s not connected to the tablet.? Here, the user would find a drop-down under Video Settings.

Next, if the call quality is awful due to poor Internet connection, the user can:

1.If the user utilizes a WIFI connection, move closer to the router to get a stronger signal.
2.Once the mobile device is parked, be sure to keep where it is.? This aids in connection to the WIFI signal?catching a stronger bandwith?rather than using a mobile data connection.? At the same time, it greatly improves video compression quality due to a more stable bandwith.? Thus, fewer pixels will be changing in the image.? Just make sure that no other user isn’t using an application that requires higher bandwith like YouTube or Amazon Cloud Services.
Then, Skype gives out noisy notifications for everything.? It would alarm you every time a message comes through, like birthday notifications of any of the user’s contacts.? Tone it down a bit through:
1.Click on Tools->Options->Notification->Notification Settings-> and uncheck the options based on the user’s preference.
1.To mute down Skype, choose the Sound’s tab and uncheck any additional options-> uncheck the options based on the user’s preference.
2.To mute down Skype, choose the Sound’s tab and uncheck any additional options that the user doesn’t want to hear or choose ?Mute all sounds? to put all sounds off on Skype.
By the way, be sure to use Skype credits every one hundred eighty days to call a landline, for instance. Else, Skype deactivates those credits and hides them in a virtual backroom.

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