Skype group video call will now be free for desktops and Xbox users

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We have some great news, Skype fans. Skype has officially mentioned in their blog that their group video calling feature will now be free and available to everyone who uses a desktop (Windows PC or Mac) or Xbox One. For other platforms like Android and iOS, the company mentioned that they would be making the group video calling feature free on more platforms in the near future.

Phillip Snalune, General Manager for Consumer Marketing at Skype had this to say: ?Skype is proud that, since our beginning, we?ve created opportunities for people to communicate freely and easily, no matter where they are; from keeping in touch with remote family members or calling home when traveling to chatting daily with your close circles of friends. While Skype is known for one to one video calling, we know it?s also essential to connect with the groups of people who matter most, whether friends, family or colleagues. For the last few years, we?ve offered group video calling to Premium users on Windows desktop and Mac and more recently Xbox One.? He also added that: ?Today, we?re excited to announce that we?re making group video calling free ? for all users on these platforms. And, in the future, we?ll be enabling group video calling for all our users across more platforms ? at no cost.?

The group video calling feature lets up to 10 people join in on a call with a recommended number of 5. Previously, Skype charged for this service by having Premium accounts which cost around $8.99 every month or $4.99 for a single day?s use. This change could possibly be for Skype to better position themselves against other group video call services like that of Google Hangouts which is provided for free. With this change, Skype has temporarily removed their Premium service saying that they?re giving the feature a refresh.

Skype has a wide range of users and one of the reasons why people stopped using Skype is because other competitors like Google Hangouts provided free group video calling. With this new change, Skype will not only be able to retain their large user base, but also possibly bring back people who stopped using Skype because they wanted the group video call feature.

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