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Skype for Android: Version 4.7 Delivers Fixed Major Battery Drain and Group Message Syncing Is Now Optional

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Skype finally committed to its promise back in July last year regarding improvements via major update. Skype for Android is now on version 4.7 which was released on March 18th 2013 to the Play Store, fixing major battery bug.

Credit: Google Play Store

Credit: Google Play Store

Previous Version Issues

If you haven?t updated your Skype app, you have probably felt some disturbing major issues bugging your device. Previous version of Skype has a direct impact to the battery life of various Android devices and it relates to the syncing of messages. Android 4.4 KitKat running devices are also affected having issues when the camera goes into the background.

Other Android devices without Bluetooth connectivity support are also suffering from different audio and video calling bugs. And the contacts from Windows Live Messenger are not available in the default view and can only be seen on All Contacts view.

But all that changed when Skype for Android received its major update for this month.

Skype for Android Version 4.7

After several bug issues found on Skype for Android, developers finally updated the app and delivered version 4.7 to reduce battery impact and bring latest features for Android devices.

  1. Workaround for the KitKat bug which caused a runaway process when the camera was synced in the background.
  2. Fix for audio and video calling on tablets that do not have Bluetooth connectivity.
  3. Now lists your Window Live Messenger contacts in the Skype default view and not just the All Contacts view.

Unfortunately, the battery optimisation provided by the update has some disadvantages. Instant notifications for the group chat messages are temporarily disabled to prevent draining the battery.

But you can enable the syncing of group messages to get updates from Skype messenger. Go to Settings > Notifications > Check the ?sync group messages in the background? option. Once you have enabled the option, expect some significant impact on the battery life during syncing.

If you check the latest Skype on the Play Store, the size and version varies between devices ? we are not sure if your Android 2.3 Gingerbread device can actually run the new Skype app. You can download the app now for free and test it for yourself if the changes are effective.

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