Skype 5.0 For Android Allows Access To Address Book!

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Great news Skype users! You can now add your friends in a much easier way.

Microsoft has announced a brand new feature for Android users that will make it easier than ever to find the people they?re looking for on Skype.

?Starting with Skype 5.0 for Android, you?ll be able to connect Skype to your phone address book. This means it?s easier than ever to find contacts you already know on Skype so you can start chatting, calling and sharing instantly. After you download the latest Android update, in the coming months you?ll be prompted to verify your phone number. From there, the app will automatically look for contact matches between Skype and your address book,? Pierre-Eric Jacoupy from Skype said.

In addition, Jacoupy explained that when matches are found, the user will see new contacts show up in their Skype people list. The Skype contacts will keep evolving as more friends in the user?s address book join Skype. Microsoft promised that the user won?t have to worry about privacy as the company won?t spam user?s friends once the user connects their address book.

Furthermore, the user can find even more friends using the Microsoft account. Jacoupy said the for those who are using a Microsoft account to sign in to Skype, this new feature will also be automatically connected to the address book used from other Microsoft services like or Windows 8. Thus, users can connect to even more friends existing on their contacts on Skype.


Meanwhile, as Microsoft has made this update, the choice remains on the discretion of the user whether to use it or not. The users only need to go to Settings and easily choose whether they want the address book contacts to be automatically added to Skype or not.

If you are not an Android user, however, you shouldn?t worry as Microsoft promised to deliver the same feature in other platforms.

For more information about the Skype 5.0, stay tuned with us!

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