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SkyJoy Interactive Releases Its First Ever Video Game

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SkyJoy Interactive Releases Its First Ever Video Game

Miami, Florida ? SkyJoy Interactive, a company based in Miami, will take their very first and Miami?s first game out in the market.

It is going to be about the life of a red panda named Super Kid Cannon. The panda has the duties to save Justin, a heart throb that is inspired from the Mongolian period. He is held captive by an evil snow leopard. It will take several exciting levels before the gates open for the boss fight.

Super Kid Cannon is a relatively easy game compared to the others in the market. However, it still gets exciting as the floodgates open.

The Technicalities of the Game

The SkyJoy Interactive took eight months before they get it all done. They have made it available in different languages to cater to a much larger audience. As many as 15 languages were put into play by the people behind this production. They have it in English, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese, and so much more.

The company also worked hard on it manually. They asked their staff to draw the characters by hand. This could be the reason why it took them eight months because they will have to transfer this to the computer and tweak it again.

To make things even better, the game is downloadable on any Apple and Android device. You will get to enjoy the adventures of Super Kid Cannon for free.

The Feedback From the Public

Hours after it is available for download, SkyJoy Interactive received several good feedbacks about the game. They are currently enjoying a wide variety of audience for downloads. The age group that is currently topping the list is 13-35. This is pretty surprising since the games are a little meant for kids who are younger.

Also, out of five stars, the game received 4.5 after its first outing. Every download, the company will give 25 percent of the profit to an organization in South Africa. This organization is Seeds and its aim is to lend small amounts of money to the women of the area in case they want to set up a business.

SkyJoy Interactive is pretty successful with its first venture. It will not be too long until they give it another try. They will just have to continue with the strengths of the game to make sure that they will land on better results. Have you tried working with Super Kid Cannnon, yet?

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