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Skydiver plays video game while falling for Nvidia promotion

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Nvidia sure knows how to make their promotions go to the extreme.

To promote their latest Shield Android TV, Nvidia decided to make a commercial ad where they explain how the new Nvidia Shield Android TV can ?Rule the Living Room?. For this commercial they hired professional skydiver and stuntman Jeff Provenzano as he strapped himself in a makeshift living room, complete with a cozy couch, table and an LED TV, and let?s not forget the Nvidia Shield that they are promoting.

And the entire living room will be thrown from 10,000 feet, while Jeff enjoys watching a movie and play some video games like Forza and Ultra Street Fighter IV, and as it gets closer to the ground, Jeff decides to jump off for a safe parachuting, though the living room may be a wreck, but Jeff managed to carry the Nvidia Shield at the last seconds.

As for Nvidia, here is what the description on the video says:

Explore the most extreme living room experience in this epic free-fall journey. Watch Jeff Provenzano rule the living room at terminal velocity with NVIDIA SHIELD.

Rule now at

The new Nvidia Shield TV promises to transform your typical living room experience with 4K streaming, advanced gaming and Android TV experience. You will be able to stream TV series and movies from Netflix, Youtube, KODI and Plex, with an impressive 4K resolution and 7.1 Dolby surround sound.

As for gaming, you can stream PC with GeForce Now for all the best PC games or play some of the hit Android games on your TV with a select number of Android games that support Nvidia Shield.

Nvidia Shield will also feature Android TV for a better entertainment experience. It is now available for $199.99 and a special offer where you can get the Shield controller for free when you purchase the Nvidia Shield.

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