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A foreword from Alex Ahad:
SkullgirlS is a 2-D sprite-based fighting game project that my friends and I have been collaborating on for the past few years. Our goal is to create a unique and stylized 2D game reminiscent of independent fighting games usually found in Japan, blended with distinct American aesthetics. Most of our work has been done outside of our day jobs and coursework at school. Despite this, we put our best effort into the project, and are making steady progress. Feel free to check [] to see new updates! We are always looking for potential help as well. If you’d like to offer any assistance, please send us an email at [AT]

It’s rather unfortunate that this promo trailer doesn’t do the game justice.

If you were watching West Coast Warzone 2 right after the BlazBlue: Continum Shift grand finals then you would have been treated to a nice demo of Skull Girls. Skull Girls is doing a lot of brand new things in the fight genre that are going to make fighting game fans happy. The game is a mixture of all the good things about “Capcom vs Snk 2 and Marvel vs Capcom 2,” minus all the bad. The developers are doing great things with the animation, hit detection, lighting and coloring techniques. The character data is scripted individually character by character so that character tweaks can be done relatively easy without a massive update. The developers plan on releasing the game initially with 8-10 regular characters and 2 boss characters with 1 new character being released a month for a year as DLC.

Be sure to keep a look for Skull Girls in the future!

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