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SketchVid turns doodles into Instagram animations

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There?s a cool new iOS app in town called SketchVid that helps doodlers make striking animations for Instagram or Facebook.

The app lets users draw on a photo or trace over it. Freehand sketching is also possible. The app records the strokes that you make as you draw and automatically turns this into a 15 second video for sharing on Instagram or Facebook.

Phones with stylus integrated into them will also like this app as it gives them more of the standard way of doodling while using a pen like device, although the usual touch using the fingers should work as well.

The app requires iOS 6 or later and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Optimization has been done for the iPhone 5.

With the app?s tracing feature and a photo of something you want to trace over, you should be able to do a funny or professional level doodle (depending on talent) well within a few minutes.

SketchVid has quite a lot of appeal for different people. For example, talented artists will appreciate the app?s ability to let users give their creations a life of their own. I?m pretty sure some of us have seen on YouTube how talented artists have a time lapse video of their creations. This app gives off the same effect but on a doodle instead. The app can also be used as a sort of marketing or educational tool for Instagram or Facebook accounts. It can appeal to an even wider audience as kids will surely love to create their doodles and see the 15 minute videos of their animations come to life.

SketchVid was conceptualized and created by friends Saeed Ghaferi and Arfan Chaudhry. The two app developers and friends are based out of Toronto.

According to the two of them, everything started when Saeed drew a sketch and sent it to Arfan. Afran wouldn?t believe that Saeed made the sketch and that?s when they had their brilliant idea. The two said in an email: ?That?s where the idea sparked from. Why not create an app where strokes for sketches are recorded and turned into a video??

The app is currently available on the iOS for free with in app purchases and upgrades.

Photo Source: SketchVid in iTunes

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