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Skate 4 Release Date: Why You Shouldn’t Expect The Game Soon

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Skate 4

EA had a few games to showcase at EA Play today such as Mass Effect Andromeda, Battlefield 1, and Titanfall 2.. EA Play was pretty impressive this year, but gamers are a bit disappointed that Skate 4 wasn?t present. Fans have been looking forward to the next entry in the skating series for a long time, but it seems that they shouldn?t expect the Skate 4 release date anytime soon.

Earlier this month, EA said that the game is currently not in development. In a tweet, EA said ?We love the passion our players feel for the Skate franchise. A new game is not in development, but we appreciate your feedback.? Fans still expected a few details or at least a teaser to be shown at EA Play, but to no avail.

EA has its hands full for now. Mass Effect Andromeda is looking to be massive and amazing. Battlefield 1 is geared to dominate the shooter genre in October. And there are several Star Wars titles in the works, including a new Battlefront title. It?s easy to say that EA might not be adding more titles on its workload.

The game?s absence at E3 this year doesn?t fully confirm that Skate 4 will no longer be coming. With the past title?s success and the fan?s continuous request for the next game, it seems we?ll just have to wait a little while longer for the Skate 4 release date.

We?ve got a lot to be excited about in the next Skate game as EA has obviously improved upon their game?s visuals and physics by using the Frostbite engine. The company has been using the development engine for almost all of their games today, including sports titles such as FIFA 17. The Frostbite engine was used to power Mass Effect Andromeda and Battlefield 1, and it?s likely that EA is going to use if for Skate 4 as well.

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