Skate 4: ‘Make EA Skate Again’ Ushers New Campaign

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Skate 4

Recently, Skate fans and actual Skateboarders are running a movement to encourage EA to make Skate 4. More than just a petition, the fans have run a full-on campaign complete with its own content, slogan and website. Here?s what we know so far about this.

?Make EA Skate Again?

According to a page on TheBerrics, Skate 3 fans and actual skateboarders ran an actual campaign to make EA release Skate 4. The campaign reads of active support toward the EA game and encouraging other fans to use the ?#MAKEeaSKATEAGAIN? hashtag to show social media support. The Skate 4 campaign also has an Instagram account for related content about this campaign. Currently, ?rumors only circulate about the game and EA hasn?t confirmed development on the game.

Skate?s Hope

Currently, EA?s Skate series is the well-known Skateboarding game in the video game market. Its director competitor ,Tony Hawk?s Pro Skater series, have flunked heavily with its entry last 2015. Fans may want a decent Skateboarding game so they?ve cast hope on EA to make Skate 4 happen. Currently, EA is one of the known AAA companies in the video game industry but are rather infamous due to their microtransaction options. However, EA?s quality work is still there as players positively received Battlefield 1 and its beta despite the bugs. Fans can expect good quality work from EA at the least.

Empty Market

Currently, niche extreme sports video games like snowboarding, extreme cycling and skateboarding are rare releases nowadays. Usual sports games in this generation are mostly the ones with major leagues or known scenes like basketball, baseball, golf and possibly even entertainment wrestling. At best, the market for these extreme sports may not be as healthy as the general audience may not pick it.

According to Vgchartz, Skate 3 has sold 2.68 million units up until this August. However, it?s interesting that the sales are still climbing up per year. However, this sales does not show signs of a blockbuster game or even a sleeper hit for a game. Skate 4 fans may hope that EA announces this game soon. It?s been six years and a Skate entry still isn?t on the current generation console and the industry?s wide open. Stay updated on more Skate 4 news here on TheBitBag.

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