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Skate 4 Gamescom 2016: Will We See EA’s Game This August?

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Skate 4

This year?s onslaught of gaming events doesn?t end with E3 as there are a couple more gaming conventions lined up before the year ends. One of the upcoming events is Gamescom 2016 which is to be attended by gaming giants including EA. Fans of the beloved Skate series didn?t get to see Skate 4 back at E3 2016, but will Gamescom be the fateful day we see the next gen skating game?

The Gamescom 2016 lineup of EA has already been detailed on their official website. EA has an interesting lineup of games already, but fans are obviously looking for the Skate 4 release or premier. However, it seems the game is missing from this year?s lineup.

As expected, the highlights of EA?s exhibit this year include Titanfall 2, Madden NFL 17, Battlefield, NHL 17 and a few Star Wars titles. Not one hints at the next Skate game, but fans shouldn?t dismiss the appearance of the game easily. It?s possible that the game might be announced within the coming days, but it?s also possible that it may come as a surprise reveal during Gamescom 2016.

Earlier reports claim that the next Skate game is already in the works. In fact, it?s expected to release this month. But since there?s no word from EA about the game yet, it?s very unlikely that we?ll get our hands on it this August. Even after EA announced in May 2016 that a new Skate game is not in development, fans still believe the developers are stealthily making the game and it may be a matter of whether or not it?ll appear at Gamescom 2016.

Fans are very excited for Skate 4 as it?s expected to be an excellent entry in the series, considering how EA could utilize the power of the new gen consoles in the game that relies heavily on physics and visuals.

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