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Skate 4: Why You Should Be Excited For EA?s Unconfirmed Game

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Skate 4

EA Play was filled with a lot of surprises this year, and the gaming giant has a lot in store for gamers in the coming months. To our disappointment though, the next entry in the skateboarding series, Skate, was not present this year. EA has even revealed before that it is not currently working on the game. Fans of the series shouldn?t dismiss the next entry just yet as EA may have big plans for the series. Here are a few reasons why fans should be excited for Skate 4.

Frostbite Engine

EA will use the new and improved Frostbite Engine on Battlefield 1, the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda, and even FIFA 17. All these titles are looking pretty impressive after being developed with ?the new engine, and EA may also use this one in Skate 4. The Skate series is known for having superb visuals and in-game physics, so the Frostbite Engine may do wonders for the upcoming title. We?re expecting close-to-reality visuals when the next Skate game launches.

EA?s Upcoming Games Look Smoother Than Ever

Official Battlefield 1 gameplay was revealed at EA Play this year through a massive 64-player battle. The game is visually stunning, and Battlefield?s core feature, destruction, looks better than ever on the new title. Each bullet and explosion really made a mark on the map. It?s exciting to see how EA will utilize the power of the current-gen consoles to provide us with an authentic skateboarding experience.

Fans Really Want It

During the entire duration of the EA Play livestream, the comments section of both Twitch and YouTube was flooded with fans asking for the next game. EA might?ve seen the massive downpour of support for Skate 4, so it?s likely that EA will develop it with its best team, resulting in the best entry in the series by far.

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