Skate 4: EA Gets Flooded With #MAKEeaSKATEAGAIN Comments

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Skate 4

Fans just won?t let up with Skate 4. Gamers and skaters alike have now banded together to launch the #MAKEeaSKATEAGAIN campaign on social media. Conceived by skateboarding website The Berrics, the movement hopes to be the catalyst for the production of a new game in the series — which has been dormant since 2010.

Skate 4 Demand Intesifies After Latest Social Media Movement

Across the internet, series? publisher Electronic Arts is currently being bombarded by the hashtag. If you take a peek at any post on the?EA Instagram, you?ll be greeted by a never-ending stream of Skate 4-related comments. The same is true for Twitter and Facebook, where the hashtag is also starting to gain traction. This kind of social media pressure isn?t new for the series, but this latest movement has definitely kicked things up a notch.

The last concrete message from EA regarding Skate 4 came way back in May. In response to a fan query, the official EA Twitter account?said,??We love the passion our players feel for the Skate franchise. A new game is not in development, but we appreciate your feedback.?

The series has been in a state of limbo since the shuttering of developers Black Box in 2013. Previous entries in the franchise have found their way onto the current-generation via the Xbox One?s Backwards Compatibility feature. However, this is obviously not enough to satisfy fans.

Why Has EA?Not Acted?

Given the overwhelming fan demand and the current state of the market, you have to wonder why EA hasn?t acted by now. The skateboarding genre is pretty much dead at the moment after the colossal failure of Activision?s Tony Hawk reboot. If EA dropped a new Skate game now, you can bet that the hype will be through the roof.?Hopefully, the developer listens to the fans and gives everyone Skate 4 soon.

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