Sixense : VR SDK Will Let ‘Anyone ‘ Create ‘Oculus Rift’ Virtual Reality Games

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SixenseVR SDK

Sixense :?VR SDK Will Let “Anyone” Create “Oculus Rift” Virtual Reality Games

Anyone (with a bit of ?developer? know-how), will be able to create virtual reality games, according to Sixense. With the SixenseVR SDK (Software Developer Kit), ?anyone? can take advantage of the growing interest on the Oculus Rift headset and create virtual reality games.

The next stage in gaming is said to be ?virtual reality?, and the emergence of the Oculus Rift headset (with the Facebook financial muscle), is getting the entire gaming community excited. Still, many people think that the amount of virtual reality games will be limited, as ?many game developers are not knowledgeable on the programming needs of such a ?next-stage? gaming platform.

Sixense, a company that has made a name for itself in the field of virtual reality controllers, is providing the much needed tool that will make ?any? game developer capable of creating a virtual reality game.

With the SixenseVR SDK, the company is lowering the barrier to entry for game developers, who want to create virtual reality experiences in gaming. The software synergizes with two popular game engines ? the Unity and Unreal Engine ? to create a toolbox that already supports many (if not most) gaming platforms.

Danny Wodall, Creative Director of Sixense explains that ? The main reason this is important is because quite often, developers such as designers and artists, have great game concepts, but are not proficient in programming, and are often dependent on others to see their ideas come to lifeGiving them the ability to prototype and flush out their ideas without the aid of someone else is very powerful. Unreal 4 has a similar vision and uses a system called blueprints to allow developers to use a node based visual scripting system.?

The integration of the SDK with the Engines enable developers to download thousands and thousands of assets that are already in the Unity Asset Store. These assets include environments, objects, characters and weapons. Once these assets are downloaded, Sixense says that it simply needs to be attached to virtual reality controls utilized by a character.

To get a better idea, check out the video below:

Amir Rubin, the CEO of Sixense, says that since Sixense has been very successful with virtual reality controllers, it wants to equip developers with an open platform to help them come up with the best games that are also compatible with other controllers like the Sony Morpheus headset, the Oculus Rift, and the PlayStation Move controllers.

Rubin adds that ? We are developing the Sixense VR SDK because we believe that the success of VR is dependent on the support it gets from the developer community?.

The SixenseVR SDK will be available on July 2014 together with the Sixense STEM controllers.

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