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Six Things You Need to Know When Using Samsung Galaxy S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode

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Samsung Galaxy S5 features Ultra Power Saving mode to enhance battery life in important situations. But, how does it work and what things will it change just to prolong battery life? Here are the things you need to know regarding Galaxy S5?s power manager.

Handy During Emergency

Overall, the Ultra Power Saving mode plays a handy role during emergencies when you are away from the charger. It can turn your Galaxy S5 into a basic phone that retains access to messaging and incoming calls. It also extends the battery life dramatically under standby time for several hours.

Prevents Display Consumption

Larger display screens consume more power than smaller ones and worse, it can eat out more than 50 per cent of the battery at a time. Ultra Power Saving mode turns the coloured screen of Galaxy S5 to grayscale in order to stop the display from eating so much power during dire situations.

Five Percent to Eight Hours

Surprisingly, the feature can extend five per cent remaining battery capacity into eight hours for as long as the user keeps it under standby mode. It holds every app, every service and anything else that is not considered a basic function on Galaxy S5.

Selective Usage

If the feature is enabled, certain services will become selective and only functions to the fullest if you activate them. These services include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Internet browsing, brightness, volume and ringtones. It allows you to personalise usage and only let services consume power whenever you are using them.

Very Accessible

Ultra Power Saving Mode is accessible in two ways ? via notifications shade or using the gear icon on the notifications bar. Slide down from the top of the screen using two fingers to select Ultra Power Saving Mode while selecting the gear icon will bring you to the settings version of the service.


There is an Emergency Mode feature on Galaxy S5 if you press and hold the power button. It will also enable power saving status on the device and acts closely similar to Ultra Power Saving Mode. Additionally, Emergency Mode offers handy stuff like alarm sounds, LED flash and sending of emergency messages to your selected recipients whenever needed.

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