Six Must-Have Android Tablet Apps You Should Download

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The best Android tablet apps you should have

Owning an Android tablet can provide you conveniences you may not enjoy from a smartphone, with the possible exclusion of phablets. With it, you can play games on a bigger display or watch your favorite TV show and see the characters? faces more clearly.

To keep your device in tip-top shape, don?t overload it with many apps or files that will only slow it down. Delete as many unnecessary apps as you want, but never ever remove the following Android tablet apps. If you don?t have them yet, go download them now.

Aldiko Book Reader, for a no-frills reading experience

What?s the use of that bigger, LED-lit screen? To read books of course; even when the lights are out. Many eBook lovers swear by the simple and convenient interface of the Aldiko Book Reader. It has a neat, minimalist design. It allows you ?access to thousands of eBooks. Many titles can be downloaded for free and books can be searched by genre, author, or popularity. All your downloaded books will be shown in a tidy digital bookshelf.

Surprise! Another eBook reader – Amazon Kindle

Well, the obvious advantage of this Android tablet app is the immense collection of eBooks you can buy or download free of charge. The Amazon Kindle app on your tablet will let you sign in to your Amazon account. You will then have access to the books you?ve purchased in your other devices such as the Kindle Fire or those on your smartphone. It has the option to manually download books in different formats like pdf, mobi, docx, or txt.

Use Google Drive to access files on your tablet

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have Google Drive on your tablet. With it, you can store any type of file you want in the cloud and access them from any device. Google Drive offers 16 GB of free storage, for most people that?s more than enough. If you have it installed on both your laptop and tablet; you don?t have to worry anymore if ever you forgot your flash drive ? that?s if you?ve saved those files in Google Drive in the first place.

Bring your work wherever you are with OfficeSuite 7

Being one of the top-rated Android tablet apps in the business category, the OfficeSuite 7 is very useful for creating as well as editing documents. It can also support practically all types of file documents. This app supports all features of the desktop MS Office version and includes a File browser feature too.

If you’re feeling productive (or lazy) TeamViewer can help!

If you need to control your laptop or desktop computer from a distance, TeamViewer is the right Android tablet app for you. Whether you?re miles away (or two feet away and obviously don?t have the willpower to get up), TeamViewer will let you access everything on your computer or other people?s computer too, if they let you.

Adobe Photoshop Touch, for erasing that nasty nose pimple on the go

Another must-have Android tablet app is the Adobe Photoshop Touch. It is the mobile version of the all-powerful Adobe Photoshop program for desktop computers. For digital artists and graphic designers this app may be a life-saver. They can use it whenever they need to do quick alterations to their projects or submit a simple design proposal. For regular users, it?s great for cropping annoying photo-bombers and combining photos from their recent trip to the coffee shop.


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