Sit comfortably for long hours without experiencing back pain

This chair has got your back!

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Make online meetings less exhausting with noho:

  • Sustainable, durable, and well-designed
  • Guaranteed comfort 
  • Allows you to move freely
  • Prevents back and neck pain


A lot of people who work from home deal with back and neck pain, which is often caused by poor posture and an inappropriate office home setup. Sitting for more than eight hours everyday isn’t healthy, especially if you’re sitting on a chair that doesn’t provide comfort and support for your body. 

Whether you’re just chilling and sitting all day or are working for long hours, it’s important to consider a flexible and versatile chair like the noho Move Chair.

The noho Move Chair allows you to stretch and move comfortably with its four-way flex and form-fitting support that cradles your body. 

Its dynamic functions like the forward-tilt and recline-flex deliver a fluid motion and ergonomic support that intuitively responds to your movement and posture, eliminates pressure points, and improves your body’s circulation. You can use it when gaming, relaxing, and even when eating.

The noho Move Chair comes with easy-on/easy-off swappable toppers made from naturally soft and durable wool, as well. There are different colors available that will perfectly match your table, walls, and other home appliances! 

Here’s another thing you’ll love about the noho Move Chair: it’s made from waste plastic like ECONYL regenerated nylon and is sourced 100 percent from reclaimed fishing nets and end-of-use carpets. It’s sustainable, well-designed, and durable to bring a new kind of comfort to your daily routine.