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Sit all day, everyday, in any chair while enjoying total comfort

No more complaining of any back pains or discomfort with this pressure relief seat cushion

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Countless Americans suffer from discomfort and pain that come along from sitting in office chairs for extensive hours every single day. While it’s part of the job to be sitting at your desk and tackle your tasks, what you didn’t sign up for are the back pains that come along with it.

But who says you have to endure such pain and discomfort when there’s a solution that can make you feel relaxed and comfortable all day long? All thanks to Cushion Lab’s Pressure Relief Seat Cushion!

What is Cushion Lab’s Pressure Relief Seat Cushion about

Pressure Relief Seat Cushion is engineered to provide you total comfort as you sit all day on any chair. It is scientifically designed by in-house ergonomists to relieve sitting and hip pressure while improving sitting posture on any chair. Made of proprietary extra-dense charcoal memory foam, this seat cushion is made to provide velvet support for all day sitting comfort.

What’s to love about Proprietary extra-dense charcoal memory foam

Pressure Relief Seat Cushion is specifically built to relieve hip pressure so you can sit comfortably in any chair. It is made of proprietary Hyperfoam, a soft rebounding memory foam that conforms around the leg and hip to release muscle tension and provide cloud-like comfort. It is also infused with charcoal extract to prevent odor.


And because the washable cover is made with earth-friendly materials, you can be assured that this seat cushion is smooth and breathable and is perfect for use even during summertime.

What materials is this seat cushion made of?

  • Elastic earth-friendly recycled polyester outer shell
  • Breathable earth-friendly recycled polyester
  • 100% charcoal infused extra dense hyperfoam

Whether you’re sitting all day in your office or working in the comfort of your home for an extended period, this cushion seat is all you need to finally say goodbye to lower back pain and sciatic pain.

$69 $79

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