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Siri Won?t Recognized The Word ?raped;? Not Reliable In Times Of Distress?

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Siri may be one of the most intelligent computer programs you would encounter at this point in your life. When you find yourself alone and wanting to talk to someone, Siri is ready to rescue you.

Unfortunately, Siri is not the best person, or speaking program rather, that you could rely on when you are a victim of rape.

In a report of Digital Trends, it revealed a loophole in the intelligent personal assistant of Apple, unable to understand what ?I was raped? means. To put you in a better perspective, Siri should be able to give you the best possible solution or answer to your queries, whether you?re just curious or you need actual help. According to the article, Siri will even be proactive in offering to call for help for you. This is also the usual response of other computer programs built to provide answers and web search with a human question.

Try to jokingly say to Siri, or even to the S Voice of Samsung and Google Now, that you want to commit suicide and it will respond to you with a ?I?m sorry to hear that,? ?It may be small comfort, but I?m here for you.? Or a ?I?m very sorry. Maybe it would help to talk to someone about it.?

This loophole was found out by a study conducted by the Journal of American Medical Association Internal Medicine. The study also revealed that none of the digital assistants can recognize being in distress, such as suffering from abuse and beaten by husband.

So does it mean your phone is relatively worthless in times of trouble? Well, it shouldn?t be the case. In today?s generation, we keep our phones with us so often that it should have adapted with our daily needs, most importantly in times of suffering.

The study seemed to conclude that these supposed digital assistants can barely help us in when we?re in trouble as these smartphones are not actually smart enough when it comes to medical-related issues. The researchers say, as posted in the article, that smartphones should be able to potentially help save lives or prevent violence by providing advice and guidance.

So, by now, we should all hope for phones that can actually help us when we are in need. Electronic companies keep on updating their gadgets every once in awhile, so why not improve computer-generated assistants as well.

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