Siri Believes Bruce Jenner Is Female

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Siri believes Bruce Jenner is female

What can be considered as the height of global acceptance, Apple?s Siri believes Bruce Jenner is female ? and she can tell you that herself.

The tech giant?s virtual assistant may be all sass and attitude since her upgrade to iOS 8.4, but it seems Siri is quite open-minded when it comes to highly-publicized and sometimes controversial issues like Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner?s transition.

Siri Believes Bruce Jenner Is Female

The line of questions were first asked by The Next Web, and they got some really interesting results. Almost all questions pertaining to Bruce Jenner, would automatically reference the more sensitive Caitlyn.

For example, if asked the question, ?What is Bruce Jenner?s gender??, Siri?s reply would be ?Caitlyn Jenner is Female.? Other questions referring to Bruce would also get a Caitlyn reply from Siri. Another example: How tall is Bruce Jenner? Siri: Caitlyn Jenner is about 1.88 meters tall.

All the information though does not come from Apple?s database, but rather from information website WolframAlpha.

Still a few glitches

Mashable reported however that even with most of the questions refer to the former Olympian as Caitlyn, there are still some instances where his male personality is considered.

Other questions, though ? like “How old is Bruce Jenner?” ? will generate answers from Wikipedia, forcing Siri to read out-of-date text. (The Wikipedia page on Bruce Jenner redirects to Caitlyn Jenner, but Siri won’t automatically switch to that page.)

The oversight does not seem to be an issue within Wikipedia’s database. A Wikimedia Foundation spokesperson tells Mashable: “When Ms. Jenner announced her transition, the editors at English Wikipedia also wanted to ensure the article about her respected her identity. Within an hour of the Vanity Fair article being published, English Wikipedia moved Caitlyn Jenner’s article to her new name. We’re not entirely certain why Siri is returning a result for a Wikipedia article that no longer exists. We hope that is corrected soon!”

Despite the glitches, the most important question for us which Siri replied with aplomb is: What is Bruce Jenner?s real name?

Siri: Caitlyn Jenner?s real name is Caitlyn Jenner.

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