Siren?s Lament Episode 21 and San Diego Comic Con

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Siren's Lament
Siren’s Lament – Lyra

In the latest episode of Siren’s Lament?: Forgotten Remnants, we learn more about the sirens as Lyra and Ian swim to find TUA for more information on how they can lift the curse. Ian sees Lyra?s yellow heart, which shows that she?s in love, and worries that it might attract other sirens. But amidst that, he wonders, sirens have no use for hearts that are not broken, so why is hers (Lyra?s) visible?

Ian questions Lyra on why she?s happy and smitten by a measly hug from Shon and explains that it meant a lot to her because for a very long time, she?s felt that Shon and her were disconnected. The hug just reaffirms their closeness once again and Lyra seems to be content with that.

As they continue to swim in siren form, Lyra asks Ian more about their kind. Ian reveals that aside from seeking out the broken-hearted, sirens pretty much live a boring life. Like an empty shell, they are hollow bodies that once held life. Sirens are unable to enjoy human pleasures such as eating and reproducing. Plus they are not social creatures, which is the reason why they desperately want to be human. Ian continues to describe sirens as creatures incapable of love or being loved and that loneliness is what consumes them. They seek human hearts so that they can be human again.

Lyra disagrees with Ian?s thinking and believes that sirens know of love and that this concept still exists in the back of their minds somehow. Sirens for her are not empty shells, instead, they are shells with stories that were overlooked or forgotten. Lyra tells Ian even after life has left the shell, there is still something very beautiful about it. The next panel shows a beautiful, almost glowing, illustration of Lyra holding out a shell for Ian to take.

Surprised, Lyra and Ian learn that they are being followed by another siren and quickly try to move out. The episode ends with the siren catching them and using a sort-of whipping magic to which Lyra counters, with a magic she never knew she had, throwing off the siren. Who is this siren? Is she after Lyra?s heart? Let?s find out on episode 22.

Siren’s Lament?is published on Line Webtoon App every Saturdays.

Siren's Lament

San Diego Comic Con

The creator of Siren’s Lament?, Instantmiso, will be at the San Diego Comic-Con this July 22, 2016. Catch her in Room 4 between 7 to 8pm. Line Webtoon will be hosting the panel ?Monetize your Comics?! Featuring Instantmiso and other webtoon creators.?

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