Sinkhole in Japan: Amazing Japanese Prove Once Again How Better They Are At Everything With Sinkhole Repair

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Sinkhole In Japan
Sinkhole In Japan

The sinkhole in Japan only proved what resiliency, hard work, efficiency and collaboration can do. A five-lane wide road where a sinkhole swallowed a section of in Fukuoka, Japan, reopened merely days after the massive destruction. It was just beside a railway station and almost toppled nearby buildings.

Then again this comes as no surprise. The Japanese are?well known for their efficiency and workmanship. They labored for days, around the clock, and virtually filled in the section of road in a matter of 48 hours, according to reports. This YouTube video is proof of that. But the road only became open to traffic and pedestrians on early Tuesday, after local officials determined and announced that it was safe enough to use again. The repair of the stretch of road included a busted sewage pipe, traffic signals and utility poles. These were all destroyed when the sinkhole opened up past 5 a.m. local time on November 8.

Sinkhole in Japan Now Makes Road 30x Stronger

The event resulted in power shortages, disrupted phone lines, and water and gas supplies. Fortunately, there have been no reports of casualties or injuries. Soichiro Takashima, the mayor of Fukuoka, said the ground is now made 30 times stronger than it used to be. They hired a team of experts to determine the cause of the cave-in. According to local media, the 30m by 27m sinkhole, which was 15 meters in depth, was the result of construction work of an extension to an underground line.

The workers who tirelessly worked on the damage filled the hole with 6,200 cubic meters of sand and cement. This totally blew up social media. Everyone was so impressed. Then again, this is just how the Japanese are, especially in the midst of disaster. This is definitely a great example for other countries, God forbid something like this or worse, happens to them.

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