Sink your head into incredible softness with this hypoallergenic pillow perfect for allergy sufferers

This pillow guarantees a good night’s sleep while you enjoy all the benefits of allergen protection

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If you wake up in the morning feeling like you’ve got a serious case of hay fever, something that’s right around your head could be something to blame. Microscopic buggers living in your beddings and pillows are a major source of allergens but suffer no more. Here’s a hypoallergenic pillow coming to the rescue!

AllerRest Double DownAround Pillow is a hypoallergenic pillow designed specifically for allergy sufferers. This is made to help you sleep peacefully without worrying about waking up to a bad allergy the next morning. 

The nice thing about this pillow is that it can block dust mites and their allergens without the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides. The insides are also made with Resilia feathers to deliver medium support, offer a good level of breathability, and guarantee softness and comfort all night through.