Single by 30: Turning a Pact Made in High School into a Reality

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Do promises made in high school count? A new YouTube Red original series created by Wes Chan and Phil Wang is exploring this premise in an eight-episode romantic comedy. Single by 30 tells the story of two high school friends, Peter (Harry Shum Jr.) and Joanna (Kina Grannis), and the innocent pact that they made that when they both reach 30 and they?re both still single, they would marry each other.

They call it their motivation to put themselves out there and to be confident to ask out other people because in the end, if either gets rejected, they have a fallback.

The idea is ludicrous, but it?s the sort of talk each of us has gone through in high school. We have all been at that gullible age where we saw 30 as ancient, and a pathetic age to be in if we?re not settled down. This is what Peter and Joanna thought as they milkshake-toasted their pact.

Twelve years later, it is Peter?s 30th, he had just broken up with his girlfriend, and he is at his family?s business. His parents and sister are on his case about not being married, and all Peter really wanted to do on his birthday was to check out the new taco food truck down the street with his college friend, Marc.

Marc, ever the enabler, ninja-posted an impromptu party invite from the birthday boy?s phone. Incidentally, Joanna, who has been working abroad for the past few years, has moved back in town, and got to know about her old friend?s party. Fresh from her own breakup with Carl, she and her roommate decide to go to the bar to check out Peter?s party.

Pact reignited

The childhood friends? reunion is bittersweet and awkward, but later on turned familiar and comfortable. They both remember the pact they made with each other when frozen-tips were the in thing years ago. But since Joanna has 7 months to go before she herself turns 30, they rekindle their pact, and probably brought on by their respective breakups, reset the agreement to 7 months when Joanna herself would turn 30.

This pact bring in a melancholic but unrealistic premise. In an interview with Entertainment Online, Phil Wang explains that they have heard a lot of their friends made this pact and this gave them the idea to shoot the series.

?What would happen if we got there, and two people were actually thinking, ?Hey, we should actually do this?? he said. ?You?re going to see Peter and Joanna, along with their two friends, kind of figure out what it means to fulfill this pact, or go through with it. And of course, it doesn?t go as planned.?

Stay tuned for Episode 2 at The Bitbag.

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