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The Sims 4 Update: Features from The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack Revealed

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sims 4 city living

Where there?s smoke, there?s fire. The rumors involving a city themed game pack coming to The Sims 4 turns out to be true. The recently released trailer gave a glimpse of The Sims 4 City Living Expansion pack, and the graphics look beautiful.

The trailer showed real city living, complete with protesters on the streets, street performers, basketball courts, street food, karaoke bars, noisy neighbors, and fireworks.

According to the Sims Community, the new city will be called San Myshuno. It will have four new neighborhoods: Arts Quarter, Fashion District, Spice District and Uptown.

Cultural diversity

The new city will feature cultural diversity, as Chinese, Japanese, South Korean and Indian similar cultures will be represented. There will be cultural festivals and even ethnic fashion will be introduced.

sims 4 city living

Architectural, cultural and neighborhood diversity will be part of the city. Basketball will finally be added to the neighborhood, plus the bubble blower is back! Sims can also play street music for money. There will be karaoke and karaoke bars where Sims can sing duet.

sims 4 city living

Trendy New Hairstyles, Career Choices and More!

The expansion pack also reflects the hipster generation as a Harry Styles hairstyle will debut. Simmers can even choose to have a small man-bun on their Sim. There will be plenty of hipster fashion, as colorful headbands will be part of a new hairstyle. Colorful new tattoos will also be added.

sims 4 city living

New careers will also be introduced. The Sims can now choose to become a politician who can make dramatic speeches while fighting for a good cause. Sims can go and have protests on the streets. Sims can also choose to flourish in a Social Media career, or dabble in a career as a Critic.

sims 4 city living

The city also introduces festivals that the Sims can take part in. There?s a Spice Festival which features the Curry Challenge. There will also be a Romance Festival which will feature *gasp* fireworks! What?s more, there is a Geek Con as well, which is similar to the real world?s Comic Con. All these festivals can take place in Myshuno Meadows, the city?s new park.

sims 4 city living

The City is the best one yet as it features tourists as well. Tourist Sims can check maps as they go about with their tour. These tourists will not be hard to miss as they will be going around in tacky American-tourist-like clothing and accessories.

Penthouses so high whole city can be viewed

Then there are the living areas. Flats can be customized but are more limited. As with real life, there will be landlords who will restrict your Sims? building options. Plus, there may be electrical problems, roach infestation, and noisy neighbors. ?As your Sims go higher in society, penthouses can also be bought, and these will be overlooking the whole city. Some penthouses will be very high up that you can see the city all the way down. Best of all, there will be no construction restrictions. Another feature is that you can give a key of your place to a neighbor.

There will also be many different activities that Sims can do like food eating contests, graffiti/mural painting or just posing as a living statue on the street. ?

sims 4 city living

The Sims 4 City Living expansion pack looks amazing. This could be the best expansion pack released yet. It releases worldwide for PC and Mac on November 1, but preorders are now being accepted at Origin.com.

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