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The Sims 4 Toddlers Update: Sims Team Studying Cohesiveness of Feature

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sims 4 toddlers

The creation of The Sims 4 Toddlers has long been a hot topic in the Sims Community. SimGuruTrev took the time to address the issue and decided to talk with the Simmers on The Sims Reddit.

According to his response, The Sims Team is taking implementing Toddlers very seriously. That means they don?t want to rush something out the door just because everyone wants it.

He said that they release things in packs that have a theme. Suggestions from the community and the development team are taken into consideration and stored as little puzzle pieces of ideas until they find the right place for them. The brainstorming sessions are when the box of ideas are taken out and deliberated on if they would fit with the current idea.

SimGuruTrev said that sometimes they go crazy and try to jam those pieces in, even if they don?t quite fit. That is how the Aliens came to be in The Seasons in Sims 3. Bottom line is, the developers want to create one cohesive game pack and not just a bunch of odds and ends stuck together.

New features come with detailed discussions

?On the flip-side of that, when people give us broad ideas, like ?I?d like more family gameplay? or ?we want toddlers,? we want to make sure we fill in all the missing puzzle pieces in a way that everyone will enjoy,? he said.

He further explained that they don?t want to rush something out the door just because everyone wants it. With every new feature they release, a detailed discussion is always behind it, such as new objects, interactions and socials, new skills, new careers, CAS parts and clothing.

?We don?t like to add a big feature to the game just for the sake of adding it. We want to take our time, make sure we do it right. And if we don?t think we can, then we hold off until we feel we can,? he added.

Rumors of Toddlers coming to Sims started when a Modder discovered an additional toddler file that revealed a detailed three-level design. Unfortunately, EA quickly debunked the rumor saying that the uncovered file was part of old assets for a special project for The Sims CEO last year.


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