‘Sims 4’: Some Weird Things That You’ll Be Able To Do With It

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Sims 4 (Image Credit to TheSims YouTube)
Sims 4 (Image Credit to TheSims YouTube)

The game Sims 4 is just two more months away before it hits the shelves. If you?re a solid fan of the game, a first-day purchase will be nothing to be surprised about, but if you?re a newcomer in the series or if you are still a bit skeptical about getting it, here are some of the game?s features that will help you decide if a game is a must-have. Not all of these features might be the selling factor, but they?re quite bizarre that noting them here is a must. We?ve covered a number of things to be featured in the game, but here are some additional things that you will see two months from now.

Creating ?real? looking families (complete with family resemblance) has been streamlined. Unlike the past Sims games, Sims 4 will be automatically doing all the work of making sure that family members will look like each other. Parents will have both of their traits and looks passed down on their children in equal measures. The cool thing is, you can even do the reverse of this process and create a set of parents for your Sim.

Your Sim?s traits are also going to play an even more major part in the game. This will affect how they interact with people, how they walk, how they deal with things and the overall behavior that they will show. In the past Sims games, this wasn?t implemented too greatly, but in Sims 4, traits and emotion is the star of the show.

In Sims 4, you also now have all the reason to go out as much as you can. Unlike the past games where you don?t actually ?see? what?s going on when your Sim goes to places, Sims 4 will let you see and control what your Sim will do on other districts.

Another great addition/update to the game is the much improved ?Build Mode?. It has been made to make things a lot easier. You have more options to customize your house now, but being ?more? doesn?t necessarily mean ?more complex?, as it is actually much easier. You can even select any from the room or entire house templates and apply the changes to your home within a few mouse clicks.

In Sims 4, things are definitely getting a bit more ?real?. Their lives are going to be a bit tougher than it was. With a limited amount of ?Simoleons? to start out, there are bills to pay, budgeting for food etc. Fail to pay these utility bills and your power and water services gets cut off, which will make life even harder. This is, however, not necessarily a bad thing. Some people like it rough, but with others who don?t, that?s what ?cheat codes? are for.

Your Sims are also entitled to a variety of ways to die. They can die out of laughing nonstop, heart attack (due to various emotional surges), or even lie down on the floor and die of embarrassment. That is, if your Sims are pushed to the boundaries of their emotional limits. The weird thing is, you can actually negotiate with Death about resurrecting the dead.

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