The Sims 4: Pokeball House Build Available for Download

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For Simmers who are also Pokemon Go fanatics, there is a Pokeball House build available for download in The Sims 4 online.

The red and white themed house features 2 floors, with a basement to house the 2 bedrooms. The build creator, DutchSims4Master, used base game items to make the house accessible to?those who are interested to bring Pokemon into the Sims World.

Though the Dutch builder never really got into the Pokemon Game himself, he made a pretty cool house that can pass as a Pokestop. The only thing missing are the elusive Pokemons hiding around in the plants surrounding the circular dwelling.

Pokeball Sims 4 House

The Pokeball House is a 2-story, red and black themed gem in The Sims 4. (Photo grabbed from DutchSims4Master’s youtube channel)

This builder has created other more realistic homes in The Sims website that you may want to check out.

Free update

The last game pack released by The Sims is Dine Out, which brings new dining out experiences for Sims players. This new game pack allows Sims to own their own restaurant. They can either buy pre-made builds created by other players, or they can build their restaurant from the ground up and customize the look to their liking.

Aside from this, new Sim restaurant owners can also customize their restaurant?s menu, their staff?s uniform, and even how they want their patrons to dress.

The Sims Developer, Maxxis, has also released a free update. This update gives Create A Sim mode new gender customization options. Players can create Sims with whatever physique, walk style, tone of voice, clothing and appearance they want. Apart from that, the game has also turned gender fluid, and now allows same-sex relationships.

Also new in The Sims 4 is the nanny. Career women can now hire a nanny from the phone (Hire a Service, in the Career/Household menu), and the nanny can take care of the little one when your Sims can?t. A hired nanny will stay up to 24 hours or until dismissed.

Sims 4 Nanny

For the career Sim who doesn’t have the time to stay with the kids, the nanny will come to the rescue. (Photo credit: thesims.com)

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