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SIMS 4 Official Release Date to be Announced at Game Developers Conference on March 17th

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Game Developers Conference 2014 will begin on March 17th to feature talks of many highly anticipated game projects for the year. The SIMS 4 is one among many to grab the spotlight as fans await the ?official release date speculated to be announced at the event.

Source: The SIMS

Source: The SIMS

Source: The SIMS

Source: The SIMS

SIMS 4 at GDC 2014

Irrational games and Blizzard are both expected to attend GDC to show off their latest projects related to artificial intelligence. EA Maxis will also feature all the improvements expected to be included on the SIMS 4 ? fourth instalment of the SIMS series.

According to AI of the SIMS 4, the fourth instalment is beyond ?what SIMS 3 can offer and features very complex artificial intelligence allowing SIMS to perform several tasks at once, generate never before seen expressions and more realistic behaviours as the game includes ?emotions? for the first time.

SIMS 4 Game Features

Sources reported that SIMS 4 will utilise an all-new technology and instead of recycling what was used on previous SIMS instalment. With a new engine technology, the SIMS 4 features more natural behaviours, more realistic interactions and better gaming experience.

-????????? SIMS 4 can be played in single-player offline mode.

-????????? Additional contents are available online.

-????????? No need for constant Internet connection.

-????????? Origin client is only required to install the game.

-????????? More complex relationships and interactions.

-????????? All new voice-over contents.

-????????? All SIMS can be modified whether right or left handed.

Some skills and traits have been changed ?which will affect in-game experiences of all SIMS. Some of these skills are coming back from the SIMS 3 while others have been modified to produce more realistic behaviours.

  1. Music Skills: Violin and Guitar.
  2. Art Skills: Paiting and Writing.
  3. Hacking becomes a skill.
  4. Cooking and Gardening.
  5. Woohoo is now a skill in addition to its default function.

Additional objects with new interactions are also included on the SIMS 4 such as a rocket ship, microscope set and cupcake factory. And for other in-game functionalities, Maxis added new tweaks to make creation of SIMS and build mode easier than SIMS 3.

-????????? Create-a-SIM mode uses the mouse cursor instead of sliders and figures.

-????????? Voice-editing and how-they-move customisations are now allowed.

-????????? More intuitive tools on Build/Buy mode.

-????????? Pick-a-Room feature allows instant transfer of rooms inside your lot.

-????????? Emotions are now present among SIMS.

-????????? Emotions are affected by surroundings, objects and interactions. It can affect character status, opportunities and storyline.

Release Date

Leaks regarding official release date points out to September 2014 but EA Games addressed the leak and confirmed that the game won?t be ready until fall. Unfortunately, this timeframe may represent any date from October to December of 2014.

Since the game boasts new AI, new game mechanics, new interactions and more intuitive SIMS than the third instalment, it is completely understandable that the makers are doing everything to create fluid, smooth and optimised new SIMS for all players.

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