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Sims 4 November Update: Patch Notes Include Fixes For City Living Expansion

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Sims 4 November update

The Sims 4 November update is now live and game publisher EA has released the patch notes for the update. After downloading the latest patch, players will not encounter much issues with the City Living expansion anymore. The developers have made some changes to the game, and most specifically, they have improved the gameplay by tweaking some settings and adding some new features.

On its official website, EA said that the problems with babies getting stuck in the apartment will no longer exist. The developer said that they have fixed this problem with The Sims 4 November update. Players reported before that Sims kept ordering food, as there was a glitch in the game. EA has assured fans, saying that this is not going to happen again after updating the game. Additionally, women can now relax as the outdoor bathrooms will be opened.

The trophy of 73 will no longer remain locked in the Build Buy Mode. Remember that you can only win the trophy by completing 73 basketball competitions. Players can also observe changes in communications as the interactions won?t drop in between now that The Sims 4 November update is available. The ability to ignore neighbours? complaints has also been fixed, and it won?t make any negative impact on the roommates. Multiple sims can now get the festival whims even if it started already.

Players will also be able to catch Pufferfish in San Myshuno, and trait images will also appear in the right manner once the players download the update for City Living expansion. For the third expansion of Sims 4, the developer has shared a series of six videos showcasing all the aspects of the gameplay. The video series covers many adorable characters and also introduces the customization options, decorative elements and multiple immersive stories. Additionally, the update also address some of the general issues that have been causing trouble since the last update. The latest Sims 4 November update can be downloaded now.

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