Sims 4 is Getting Crazier, Literally; Release Date Revealed

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Sims 4 is going to be a weird game. While the traditional Sims game focuses on your Sims virtual life, controlling how they get around with their everyday life, Sims 4 is taking a slightly different approach to this.? The game will focus mainly on your sim?s psychological aspects. Maxis is giving much significance to the way you manage your virtual person?s unpredictable sides, hence the tagline ?Smarter Sims, weirder stories?.

Gamespot?s Shaun McInnis had the chance to experience a brief of what Sims 4 was to offer and for the half-hour demo, it was indeed clear enough that Sims 4 will be an odd game.

Similar to other Sims game, Sims 4?s create-a-sim will let you set your virtual person?s aspirations and personality. You are also going to assign 3 specific traits which will shape how your Sim will interact with the world.

When a sim gets an emotion change in his/her state, this can trigger emotion-specific actions which also depend on the traits that you have set with your sims when you created them. In the demo, a muscle-head sim who loves working out lets his steam off by doing a ?rage-workout? (exercising while being frustrated of something)

Aside from these weird stuff, (which most people love about the Sims series anyway), the game will be showcasing an extended variety of virtual human interaction. It will also feature the option to download pre-decorated rooms online. Most of these are player-created, so you don?t have to worry about ?Too many to purchase? stuff, which the previous Sims were notorious for (Developers of Sims 4 promises to include ?EVERYTHING? in the game on a single purchase). You also don?t have to demolish your house if you wanted to raise or lower its foundation, which is a really nice ?addition.

Sims 4 will be out in September this year, and it is already available at Origin for pre-orders.

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