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Sims 4 Future Players Can Subscribe To a Premium Plan and EA Plans for Paid DLCs

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Sims 4
Sims 4

Sims is becoming ?it? too. What is ?it?? The trend of video games these days where you don?t get ALL the game has to offer, in one single purchase. EA had a survey which pointed them to this new direction.

Maxis and EA?s new game Sims 4 will definitely come as a game that will have premium subscription. Prices will greatly vary depending on players? preferences. Aside from the retail price of the game, you can ?top? your game up with a variety of additional paid service packages, which lets you get access to multiple DLCs that features additional skins, clothes and optional content.

The full package (as of now) will be around $100. EA is doing a real close-up study on how things will go from here, how many fans will demand for Sims 4 and how deep their pockets can go. If you heard the recent news of an MMO treatment for the popular Elder Scrolls game with a monthly subscription fee that tops the game?s retail price, you?re in for a familiar ride here in Sims 4 as well.

This does not mean that players who shy away from such things won?t be able to play Sims 4. They can still purchase the game and play it as it is. That is, without the ?additional? content and everything else that won?t come in bundled with the retail. (But you can just wait for some ?optional? user-generated content or ?mods? if the game starts to feel lacking after a few hours of playing it)

EA and Maxis already planned out a couple of DLCs for Sims 4 and it is to be expected that around 12 to 16 DLCs will be out after it gets released. All these can be accessed if you?re to invest on a premium subscription, but some people might think whatever happened to proper ?expansion packs? which was, well, ?proper? to most people in some sense. Is $100 worth it to see the entire content of the game? That?s for you to decide.

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