The Sims 4 Event: It’s Triple Boost Week, Time to Look for Jasmine Holiday

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Jasmine Holiday is back! Simmers should get in on a new limited The Sims 4 event, which would allow your Sims to progress through their skills and work/school performance three times faster than usual, lasting up to 6 game days.

But log in now. This Sims 4 event lasts only until August 29 at 10am PT.

For this to work, you need to update Sims 4 to the latest version, and upon reopening your game, you will be greeted by The Sims 4 Main Menu: Triple Boost Week: Skills and Careers.

Finding Jasmine

To get in on this treat, you would need to find Jasmine Holiday first. She is the event coordinator for The Sims 4. Don?t worry, she?s a Sim citizen. She?s just around town walking about with a special Triple Boost Week plumbob icon on her jacket. But if you don?t have the patience or the time to find her on any lots, you can call her on the phone as well, and she will immediately pay your Sim a visit.


On Triple Boost Week, she only offers 2 interactions: Ask about Triple Boost Week and Request Boost for Job Performance Gain or Skill Gain

Unfortunately, your Sim will only get one boost, either for job performance or skill gain. According to The Sims Community, if you choose to activate a different boost, the previous boost will be overridden with the new boost.

The Skill gain boost makes progressing through any skill three times faster. Meanwhile, the Job Performance boost will raise your Sims performance bar three times faster. Furthermore, this boost is also valid for child and teen sims, making their school performance progression faster.



You can check your moodlets in case you forget which boost you?ve chosen. Each moodlet lasts for 6 Sim days (probably about 45 minutes in human time), and can be renewed by requesting another boost.


Enjoy the boosts! Stay tuned to The Bitbag for The Sims updates.

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