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The Sims 4 2016 Expansion Packs Price & Rumors: More City Living Perks & Supernatural Elements?

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Ok, Sims fans, let?s take a look at The Sims 4 2016 Expansion Packs, their price and features. We will also look into some rumors concerning some of The Sims 4 updates. As you may know, since its release, there have been some issues that Maxis and Electronic Arts (EA) have been busy dealing with. This usually concerns game features that fans deem the new game lacks. Fans also feared that they will be added later in some paid form.

The Sims 4 patches have been released since 2014 and have been actively dropping by until this year. The latest patch contains the ?Monster-Under-The-Bed? – a supernatural element. These series of patches appeased some fans but some of them were quite late. The ever-helpful Ambrosia recipe was not included in the base game; so as the Ghost sim and the Deathflower plant. These, in the fans? eyes, are quite essential to the whole Sims experience. Sim Genealogy also arrived quite late. A Genealogy panel was added in 2015 along with other patches that make The Sims franchise staples available such as the basic repair man service and the pretty helpful dishwasher.

Now, we should be able to move on and accept that The Sims 4 had the best start for the game but Maxis and EA are making it better as time goes by. The first two (hopefully there is more) of The Sims 4 2016 Expansion Packs sure round up the experience better. Check them out.


Get To Work

If you find your base The Sims 4 game a little dull or just something that offers lesser than its potential, maybe this Get To Work Expansion Pack would make you feel a little better and put some purpose in the lives of your sims. This allows your sim to become a doctor, a detective or a scientist. Your sims can then save lives, fight crime or invent amazing stuff for good or for evil. The pack also allows sims to take more Simoleons off the economic pie through starting and managing their own retail businesses. Businesses are customizable too. This pack includes baking and photography skills.

You can purchase your Get To Work pack on The Sims official site for $49.90. Click here.


Get Together

In the Get Together Expansion Pack, you can create and join different Clubs. Clubs can have distinct personalities, interests and styles. You can design the look and style. Your sims can now hang out in hip, cool or highfaluting spots. With this pack you can get more city living perks and have fun with other sims in group activities. Get Together ?is available on The Sims official site for $49.99. You can find it here.

So, with this Expansion Packs, Maxis and EA also released the ever-present Stuff Packs. Stuff packs include Luxury Party Stuff, Spooky Stuff, Romantic Garden Stuff and Kids Room Stuff among others. A free Holiday Celebration Pack is also available on the official site.


Stay tuned for more updates on The Sims 4 2016 Expansion Packs and other The Sims 4 news.

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