?The Simpsons? Season 28 Updates, Release Date, Cast, Spoilers: Historic 600th Episode Will Give Us Trick Or Treat

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The Simpsons Season 28 will premiere on Fox on September 25. The renewal did not come so much as a shock as The Simpsons is already an American cultural icon. Season 27 ended on May 22 and the news for its renewal on Fox was announced way back in May 4, 2015 in a report by Fox Flash.

Interested in knowing what will happen in The Simpsons Season 28? Here?s what we know so far.

First Hour-Long Episode

One criticism for The Simpsons has been that viewers want longer episodes. This season, viewers will get exactly that. This has been reported by Entertainment Weekly. This hour-long episode will also have guest stars like Empire?s Taraji P. Henson and Mr. Key and Mr. Peele themselves?Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele.

The Premiere Episode: Monty Burns Origin

The first episode for The Simpsons Season 28 will feature a flashback about Mr. Burns? childhood. It is titled Monty Burns? Fleeing Circus. We don?t really know what?s in it but it could involve him running away from a stint in some circus or what not. It?s anybody?s guess really. The premiere will air on September 25 on Fox.

600th Episode

The 18th installment of our beloved cartoon family will have its historic 600th episode. This episode is called Treehouse of Horror XXVII. This will air as the fourth episode of the season but will be the 600th episode of the animation franchise. It will be aired on October 16 and seems to have a Halloween horror theme. It is expected, as reported by USA Today?s Bill Keveney, that it will be divided into three segments like classic horror shows.

Other episodes have also been revealed. One would be Friends and Family. It will be the second episode. An episode entitled The Great Phatsby will be a The Great Gatsby parody. Pokemon GO has not escaped the producers and writers. The Simpsons Season 28 will have a go and parody that as well.

Could not wait for the new season to start? Same here.

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