Simple 2000 Series Vol. 81: The Chikyuu Boueigun 2

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A simple game with simple controls equals tons of fun! Here is another title worth the import. With just two characters to choose from, 2 player split screen option and 140 mission in total, you might not want to pass this one up.

The Chikyuu Boueigun 2 story line is this, a giant UFO appears and messes up the Earth. Reason? What else than to rule it? That’s when the the EDF (Earth Defense Force) comes in and cleans house with weapons of destruction! You can choose to be a male ground unit or a female air unit. Both have their unique weapons, which you can have two to choose from for each stage. There are a lot of weapons to choose from and I know I might not have collected all of them.

For the ground unit, you have weapons such as machine guns, grenades, rocket launchers, missile launchers, flame throwers, sniper rifles and much more. When dealing with giant ants or flying UFOs, it’d be best to have one weapon for long range and another for close range. E.g. Sniper rifle and a shotgun. Yeah, a shotgun to a giant spiders’ face is a great moment. Though the reload time for each weapon varies and becareful not to fire off the launchers in a closed proximity, or else you’ll share some of that pain along with your enemies.

The Flying unit deals with energy based weapons, such as laser cannons and plasma bombs. And some weapons do effect her flight pack, so becareful not to go trigger happy while flying away from enemies. The controls for her can be a bit tricky, because her center axis is off balanced. meaning that when you land on the ground or any surface you will need to hit the other directional buttons to have her stay put. She is pretty handy when taking out the flying units such as UFOs, queen ants and giant UFOs.

Speaking of enemies, here’s what to expect in this game; Giant ants, spiders, robotic rolling bugs, Queen Ants, Queen Spiders, UFOs, Glass-like UFOs, Motherships, walking UFOs, Godzilla wannabes and centipedes. There are a few more, but you get the idea of what you will be going up against. Mind you, there will be a lot on screen at the same time, so you might just have to deal with some slow downs. Nonetheless, it barely takes away the fun factor.

The controls are simple, as I mentioned before. The game is really a good “quick fix” for gamers, and you have diffirent diffculty modes to choose from. There are a variety of levels to play through, such as subway tunnels, ruined cities, night time at the city and even Tokyo. There aren’t any grand FMVs or a deep storyline at all. It is what it is, a simple game with a great replay value. This game is worth that extra shipping cost and a great title for the gamers who want something different in their game library.

Final ScoreB

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