Simone Biles: Why Everyone Including Zac Efron is Obsessing Over the World Gymnastics Phenom

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Simon Biles/USA Gymnastics

Simone Biles just won the Women?s Gymnastics all-around title at the 2016 Rio Olympics, which is her second Olympic medal and counting. Before making her Olympic debut in Rio, she already has numerous titles to her name and winning the gold was ultimately destined for the 19-year-old American gymnast.

Biles did not just win medals, she also won the world?s hearts, and you will instantly love her once you see her perform. Here?s why everyone including Zac Efron is obsessing over the world gymnastics phenom.

She?s basically the Mother of? Medals

Biles has load of titles to her name, just like Danaerys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons, and so on. Although, she doesn?t ride dragons, but she can practically ride on air. She just has the most impressive elevation and nobody in the world can tumble as high as she can.

The 19-year-old gymnast is the first woman to win three consecutive world all-around titles. She is also the first African-American to be world all-around champion, the most decorated American female gymnast in world championship history with 14 medals?which is the most won by an American woman. And, she has the most gold medals won by a female gymnast in world championship history.

She could even win as much as five medals in her first Olympics. Biles and today?s Team U.S.A. could very well be the best of all time in the sport.


Simone Biles/USA Gymnastics

She has a move named after her ? The Biles

Biles has a signature move in her floor routine that?s named after her. The move, which is a double lay half-out and forward landing, was initially created to relieve pain from a bone spur in her ankle, as the champion gymnast told Teen Vogue.

Like any other teenager, she has her celebrity crushes

Biles is apparently obsessed with Zac Efron. Ellen DeGeneres even surprised her with a leotard with Efron?s face plastered all over it when Biles appeared in her show in March. ?I love it!? Biles said giddily.

She also knows that Efron?s girlfriend, Sami Miro, was a former gymnast, and quipped, ?So maybe I have a chance.?

Biles? obsession with Efron was actually reciprocated when the actor tweeted Biles that he?s watching her and the Final Five?s gold medal performance, Heavy reports. Efron also posted another tweet, ?So phenomenal a skill?s named after her. Congrats on sticking the Biles and qualifying for the finals @Simone_Biles!? and wished her luck in the finals.

Of course, Biles went nuts and replied, ?OH MY GOSH I THINK I AM GOING TO PASS OUT OH MY GOSH CRYING! THANK YOU ??

She?s an all-around gymnast

Well, obviously. She just won the Olympic all-around title after all. And while she says that her forte is the floor routine, she could impressively nail the vault, the beam and uneven bars as well. She won the all-around gold with two over points ahead of fellow Team U.S.A. gymnast, Aly Raisman.

She doesn?t care about body shamers

According to People, Biles talked about body shamers and finding confidence along with teammate and 2012 Olympic champion, Gabby Douglas, on Teen Vogue. Biles said, ?I was built this way for a reason, so I?m going to use it,? as she described her body to be ?stockier? than other gymnasts.

She continued, ?To go out there and prove what I can do has taught me a lot about who I am. We can push ourselves further. We always have more to give.?

Most importantly, the reason why everyone is obsessing over Simone Biles is because she is such an inspiration to the whole world?to all the aspiring athletes, to every woman young and old, and to everyone who has a dream.

Catch Biles and other inspiring gymnasts at the 2016 Rio Olympics Women?s Gymnastics individual events. Watch the games online here: Livestream 1| Livestream 2| Livestream 3.

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