Simon Cowell Security Problems: X-Factor Judge?s Home Gets Breached Again

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Simon Cowell

For the second time, Simon Cowell?s home once more experienced a security breach as a burglar reportedly stole hundred thousand pounds-worth of jewelry and money.

Incidentally, a security guard turned out to be a hero overnight as the loot from Cowell?s home was snatched back by a local security guard by the name of M?Bathonha Mendes. He chased the thief and snatched back the bag full of jewels worth half a million pounds stolen from the Music mogul.

At 2 am on Friday, Cowell?s bodyguard informed him that thief had ransacked his safe which contained jewelry and cash. The X-Factor judge was beyond himself with worry for the safety of his family. The guard was reportedly in toilet when the chaos happened according to NZ Herald.

Sharing his heroic act, Mendes told the media how he ran up to thief, put his hands on his shoulders and said ?wait a second?, according to Mirror.

The brave guard also mentioned the thief was wearing a wooly hat covering most of his face and he approached him around 1.50 am. Since there have been few robberies in the area, he was on high alert. M?Bathonha Mendes took immediate action after finding the music mogul?s passport on the street and seeing a suspicious figure run off into the night.

Confirming the incident, Cowell has said ? A local guard has spotted the burglar?. Appreciating the local security guard Cowell said, ?He has got a big Christmas present coming?, Daily Mail reported.

Simon Cowell, felt horrified when he realized a? robber had entered his mansion. The music mogul and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman were asleep in the house, along with their young son, when it was burgled in the early hours of Friday morning. According to The Sun reports, Cowell was completely scared after hearing this news because his 21 months old son Eric was inside the house.

According to news.com, Simon Cowell said he was frightened whether they kidnapped Eric. Stuff.co marked, this is the second time Cowell faced such an attack. Before it was a girl, a deranged fan in 2012 who tried to get in his house.

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