Silicon Valley Star TJ Miller Seems Busy with ‘Meticulously Ridiculous’ and ‘Emojimovie’

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Silicon Valley star TJ Miller seems pretty busy nowadays. He co-starred in Deadpool and now, it looks like more projects will pile up. If you like seeing more of TJ Miller, the present is a very good time. He is on the small screen, the silver screen and you can see him in person.

Miller has announced that he will be on tour this summer doing stand-up comedy. He calls this The Meticulously Ridiculous Tour. It will begin on August 18 and will have 24 shows all in all. This will be across the country starting from Boston to culminate in Denver, Miller?s home city. The last show will be in Paramount Theatre and it will be filmed for Miller?s one-hour HBO special. According to Denver Post, it will be Miller?s first for the network.

You can see the full schedule and buy tickets on www.tjmillerdoesnothaveawebsite.com.

Miller is mostly likely best known for his work on HBO?s Silicon Valley. He plays Erlich Bachman, an entrepreneur who owns a live-in startup business incubator that ends up to be brick and mortar office of a new highly valued company–a company that he initially owned 10 percent of. Bachman is a lovable character with a lot of quirks but manages to still pull things through when need be. Bachman likes to imitate Steve Jobs and is the mostly hands-off partner of the bunch. It is a role that no human being could play unless they are TJ Miller.

Here is Erlich protecting his buddy Richard.

Here is Erlich on a vision quest, finding a new name for their startup company in Silicon Valley.

News came out that Miller had also joined the Sony?s Emojimovie: Express Yourself cast. In a report by Slash Film, he will be playing the main character, ?Gene.? It will be an animated movie so Miller will only voice the character. Here is his ?audition tape.?

Miller has had many voice works before in animation films such as How to Train Your Dragon and Big Hero 6.

HBO?s Silicon Valley has been renewed and the fourth season is expected to air in 2017.

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