Silent Hill Origins and Shattered Dreams Won’t Make it on PS Vita

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Silent Hill Shattered Memories
Silent Hill Shattered Memories

Just a few weeks ago, Konami announced that 2 Silent Hill games will be ported on the PS Vita. Those where Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Both will be made to be available on PS Vita via PSN. Turns out, both games were cancelled and there was no prior notice about it.

As a lot of anticipating fans were very much disappointed about the fact that the games won?t make it on the PS Vita, Konami clarified and admitted that the mistake was on their side, and yes, it was a MISTAKE.

Their blog was supposed to announce two different things which seemed to be a single news. ?Two Silent Hill titles head to PlayStation?Vita!? to ?Two Silent Hill titles head to the PlayStation Network!?. They made late corrections on this, but still, Konami UK tweeted out that Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Silent Hill: Origins will be ported on the PS Vita.

?Regretfully the games aren?t available on PlayStation Vita we?re afraid. If this changes, however, we will let you know!? said Konami in a follow up statement.

To bring a finishing blow to Silent Hill fans who own PS Vitas, PlayStation Blog?s Jawad Ashraf confirmed that the releases were for PSP only and not for PS Vita.

One might wonder how a misleading news like this can keep circulating and with Konima not giving any heads up at all. It is pretty impossible that nobody from their team saw the reactions, the fans had, when they misunderstood the blog post. It is unclear if Konamo or Sony is at fault here, but clearly enough, what done is done and hopefully, nobody bought the game. If anybody did and they are that ?many?, Konami and Sony?s got a lot of explaining and apologizing to do in the future.

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