SIGMO & ELSA : Real Time Translators Make the World Truly Global

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5-10BizideasSIGMO & ELSA : Real Time Translators Make the World Truly Global

(Here is Part 5 of our ongoing series on ? 10 Great Tech Business Ideas For 2014?. For those who missed Parts 1 – 4 , please see below for the links. – Editor)


When Marshal McLuhan (July 21, 1911 ? December 31, 1980) a Canadian philosopher of communication theory and a public intellectual, coined the word ?Global Village? and practically predicted the concept of the ?World Wide Web?, 30 years before it was invented, he failed to recognize that not all languages are on the same footing.

English is still considered the ?default? language of the internet even if the whole world is primarily multilingual.

Communications and interactions, via social networks or global messaging tools like Skype, can sometimes cause pretty awkward situations because of language differences.

This year, a number of language translators are providing solutions.

One technology product that is attempting to solve the problem, especially for business entities and its customers is SIGMO.

SIGMO is a hand held gadget that fits right into the palm of your hand and enables the user to translate spoken words into 25 various languages. Not only that, the translation is relayed in audio output in real time which enables the user to fully converse with someone who speaks a different tongue.

SIGMO started to develop its product by initiating an Indigogo fund raising campaign and it is no surprise that with such an amazing gadget, it broke its target of US$ 15,000.00 by more than 1,500 % ( funds raised reached almost US$ 250,000.00 )


These translation gadgets like SIGMO may be handy for shoppers and business meetings, but the situation with emergency workers who deal with immigrants and other non-locals needed something more with a human touch. And here is where ELSA comes in handy.

ELSA, although a gadget like SIGMO, relies on actual human translators that are located in far away places (think outsourcing centers in Asia & elsewhere ? they call them ? Interpretation Centers? ).

ELSA, short for Enabling Language Service Everywhere, is a small gadget that, when used, links the user with a network of interpreters who have the ability to translate 180 different languages.

This set-up provides much needed help for social workers and medical emergency teams dealing with victims who may not speak the same language.

With ELSA and SIGMO, real time translators is truly an inspirational idea for 2014.

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