Sigil Sauvant: Your Guide to Essence Hunting for Soul Sacrifice

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For the careful sorcerer, spells are not enough. Different Soul Sacrifice Bosses require different strategies and spells. This is where enchantments know as Sigils come into play. These are extra bonuses that modify and improve certain spells and attributes of our nameless sorcerer. Here is TheBitBag’s guide to using them.

There are countless Sigils available within the game. Each one contains various effects that can even be boosted based on your sorcerer build.

But in order to obtain Sigils, essences are required. These are residual wastes from sacrificing or saving a monster. There are six variants to them:

SE?????????? LE

SE+???????? LE+

SE++????? LE++

Assume you have pawned a ghoul and you sacrifice the monstrosity. Apart from having your offerings replenished, you gain one SE which stands for soul essence. The same can be said with saving it. Instead, you get life essences.

These life and soul essences are prerequisites to using a sigil on your arm. And just as there are different sigils, the soul and life essences needed for them differ. Here is an example.

The smart sorcerer plans his next bout. He reads on his foe and prepares his offerings. But when it comes to sigils, you cannot use what you do not have. This entails some grinding from the game. Here are a couple of tips to help the earnest sorcerer.


  1. The higher the difficulty, the higher the plus ? although this is not guaranteed all the time, one stands a higher chance of obtaining the rare + and ++ essences from archfiends on higher difficulties. One must really pour in their share of due diligence.
  2. Start with Sortiara ? What does she have to do with this, you ask? Her life and soul essences create one of the earliest sigils which is the Arm of the Mad Witch.This is a sigil that amplifies your sacrifices. This means you have a better chance of getting better essences with this sigil. A sigil to farm sigils, if you may.
  3. Go Online ? As one may find, the higher the difficulty, they harder it is to kill. Boss rounds set at the highest difficulty are usually PAIRS of archfiends. Yes that?s right. Two of them. At the same time. Coming at you. This is why going online and seeking help from sorcerers of other IP addresses is a great help. Teaming up to slay tougher fiends on difficulties you?ve never been on before will greatly boost your chances of getting that + and ++.


With this guide in mind, we can assure you of an easier time hunting down those essences to help complete your collection of Sigils. The more Sigils you own, the more variety you can exercise in your strategies. Who knows? You might be that other sorcerer needed by someone else.

(All photos were taken on my PS Vita and uploaded from the same device.)

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