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Sid Meier?s Civilization: Beyond Earth Is Firaxis New Strategy Game

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Sid Meier?s Civilization: Beyond Earth Is Firaxis New Strategy Game

Sparks, Maryland ? Sid Meier?s Civilization: Beyond Earth is the newest strategy series for Firaxis Games.

They have already announced it and made it official that this will be the newest member of their line-up. The project was made possible by Civilization, as well. This is going to be a whole new different story as Civilization admits that it is the first time they have set their video game in the future.

They are known for always putting their games in the centuries that have come and go. They did not just focus on the people, but also on the other inhabitants of the universe, as well.

The Storyline That You Could Expect on Fall

The game is set to be delivered on fall. It is going to run in a little futuristic plot. Beyond Earth will help gamers discover what is outside the planet through explorations and battles. They will have aliens as their major opponents in this video game.

Also, there will be a quick backgrounder on Sid Meier?s Civilization X. They will be infusing hexagonal tiles and eliminate unit stacking with this new game. This is going to be like a brand new game as per the developers.

They mentioned that they have learned so much from the past games that they have developed. This time, they polished their mistakes and involve new ingredients that will surely make gamers excited.

More Ways to Develop Today Than Before

Sid Meier?s Alpha Centauri was also a successful franchise for the team. However, they have created this in 1999. That is already 15 years ago. They have not created something that came with its level, but now, the makers promise that Beyond Earth can do it.

This is due to their allegiance with the best people for the work. This opened so many opportunities for the team to explore and be bolder with their choices. This has given them the chance to come up with a truly great project. The previews of the game will tell you how much effort they have been investing in it. Even their marketing department has been upping their performance for its success.

It has been a while since this group has made something that is unforgettable. Beyond Earth has all the chances to change this fate. Or will they? Fall is still a few months from now; give us a take on what you think it will turn out to be.

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